James Lee Voris (Born March 4, 1939, in Springfield Ohio) is a new American Author.

Mr. Voris is relatively new to the world of publishing with four books under his belt. He states, “I have had these stories rattling around in my head as long as I can remember. I finally had to let the characters ‘out’, so it was they that told me their story. I just wrote it down.” The major attribute of all his stories is the manner in which he tickles your mind and gets you to think.

Critics consider his third book "The First Time I met God" as his breakout book as he explores the depth of love, free will and Gods direct involvement in our daily lives. He is able to entwine you in an intriguing tail of free will choices that lead you to an inescapable conclusion. You have to decide for you're self, was it a 'script' written by the hand of God or Man's free willed decisions that threaded the delicate path to the coming of the second Messiah. Could there be some common link, … guidance? A number of reader comments have made similar statements about the Author. “He has to have a lot of love in his heart to write this novel.” Another common similar response is “I have to keep telling myself that this is just a fictional story, but I want to believe it!

About his fourth book, “Tra$h Man” he states, “I started this story in my mind over 60 years ago as a kid. The characters in the story are a composite collection of my real, in life, childhood friends. Some are gone now to their final rest and others still as vibrant, creative and interesting as they were back when we were kids. Most of the good nature bantering in the story are out-takes of what the interaction among best friends was like back then. We all loved Science Fiction to a fault. In telling this story, I got to place my dear friends in the kind of life they would have been very happy to live. The story spans from 1950 to the far future. The role of Bill Borland is the closest friend of Harry Mills and is the one telling the story. The three central characters, Harry, Bill, and John were so much a part of my youth I can't help but see them in my mind acting out the parts I have cast them in.

His first and second books ("The Waters 1&2") were intended to be a single book, but got too big This was Voris's first venture into novel writing and an escape route for him to tell a story about love, mixed with science fiction, humor and a bit of theology thrown in. The series are a highly erotic exploration into love and life, but like all his offerings, they make you think. Both books are intended for mature adult audiences only.
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